27. Jun 2018 - 8. Jul 2018

Miata Club of Sweden

Miata Club of Sweden will celebrate it´s 25:th Anniversary in 2018 by arranging a faboulus 12 day Jubilee Tour from June 27 to July 8. The tour will take you through all our regions from south to north.

 Our aim is to show You some of the great parts of Sweden and to do this together with a lot of old and new Swedish MX-5 friends along the way.

 The tour has a ”hop on and hop of” concept. This means that You can choose to join the complete tour. Or You can choose just the ”legs” You want.

Date Activity Location Hotel Info & Reservation
June 27 Meeting & Greating Day Bäckaskog Bäckaskog Slott
June 28 One day tour exploring Skåne County Bäckaskog Bäckaskog Slott
June 29 Relocation Tour 1 to Region West Stenungsund Stenungsbaden
June 30 One day tour exploring the Swedish west coast Stenungsund Stenungsbaden
July 01 Relocation Tour 2 to Region North Sandviken Högbo Brukshotell
July 02 One day tour exploring a part of Norrland Sandviken Högbo Brukshotell
July 03 Relocation Tour 3 to Region Mid Eskilstuna Comfort Hotell
July 04 One day tour exploring the Lake Mälaren area Eskilstuna Comfort Hotell
July 05 Relocation Tour 4 to Region East Söderköping Söderköpings Brunn
July 06 One day Exploring & Relocation Tour 5 to Öland Ekerum Ekerum Resort
July 07 Day activities at Öland and the Anniversary Party Ekerum Ekerum Resort
July 08 Breakfast and Farewell Day Ekerum Ekerum Resort

 Concept for our international guests

First of all let´s point out that all international guests will be concidered as VIP and that we will do our absolute best to make You feel as such during the tour.


Please note that You have to make all your hotel reservations and payments by yourself. We have made preliminary reservations at one choosen hotel at every destination only to secure availibility. Feel free to choose any other accomodation if so preferred.

Tour Leader

Our international guests will during the tour have access to a designated International Tour Leader. The Tour Leader will act as your single point of information to secure that your experience will meet your expectations.


Sweden may not have many inhabitants but to travel from south to north you will have to drive more than 2000 kilometers. So yes, there will be some great oppurtunities to get to know your MX-5 as well as many new MX-5 friends even if our tour will only take you half the way to the north. So here are some examples:

Tour Distance Km Driving Time
Relocation Tour 1 to Region West 387 5 hrs 15 min
Relocation Tour 2 to Region North 519 7 hrs 8 min
Relocation Tour 3 to Region Mid 190 2 hrs 40 min
Relocation Tour 4 to Region East 156 2 hrs 12 min
One day Exploring & Relocation Tour 5 to Öland 285 3 hrs 42 min



There will be no participant fee to be paid to Miata Club of Sweden. You pay all accomodation and other costs to the hotels as per your choice from their offers and agreements. More details of this will follow.

Notice of interest

If this brief information has made You interested to join us next year, please send us a non-commiting notice of interest including names, address, mobile phone, car type and registration and you will be put on an email list for further information. Send to :

For further information visit