16. Sep 2017 - 16. Sep 2017 Voghera

I’d like to invite you to the second edition of MX-5 Italia Road&Track event.
The meeting will be based in Voghera, which is a very nice city close to Milan (less than one our).

It’s easily reachable from the highways A7 and A21.
Austria is not so far from the meeting!
It will be on Saturday 16th September: leaving Austria on Friday morning you’ll have the chance to reach Voghera within Friday night, have a rest in the nearby hotels (are very cheap, some are less than 50€ per night for 2 people) and enjoy the meeting on saturday!

If requested, Fly and Drive tour can be arranged thanks to supporting workshop with NA, NB or NC available.

The rendez vous will be at the beautiful Piazza del Duomo of Voghera
From there we will reach Bobbio city through the streets of the famous hillclimb Bobbio-Penice

We will have a lunch at Trattoria Quaglini –

And after other thrilling B-roads, we will reach the Autodromo Tazio Nuvolari Race track.


08: 00-09: 30 Meeting and registration of participants – Rendez vous and participants registration
10:00 Departure Part I Tour
11:30 Aperitif at Bobbio
12:30 Departure Part II Tour
14:00 Lunch Lunch
16:30 Departure transfer to Tazio Nuvolari Circuit
17:30 Briefing
18: 00-20: 00 Track sessions
20:30 Prizes – Awards


Participation at the event
Meeting and tour

30 €

Track session
See below

Here we have reserved 2 hours of track sessions for our meeting
Different options are available for who wants to try to enter in a MX-5 exclusive track day

20 min45€
Session specific for begineers
Tutor available on request
Cheapest and shortest session

35 min55€
Medium session
Tutor available on request (only for first half of the session)

50 min 85€
Session specific for track enthusiasts. Participants shall be available as tutor for beginners

110 min150€
Full access to all above track sessions. Special deal!

Track session are options and not mandatory!
This could be the chance to try a trackday with your MX-5, in a safe and funny event where track sessions are reserved to MX-5 owners. Tutor are available on request!


Symbolic awards will be given
Small prizes will be given to

· Oldest MX-5
· The latest MX-5
– Highest mileage MX-5
– Farest MX-5
· MX-5 Best of show (selected by participants)
· 1st 2nd 3rd place for BASE track session (self declared laptimes)
· 11st 2nd 3rd place for PRO track session (self declared laptimes)
· MX-5 Endurance for those who will make miles on track during the day

Note: Each participant may receive only 1 prize

How to reach the meeting?

The area chosen is the Cervesina (PV) and Bobbio (PC) circuit.
This is easily accessible (Milan 1H, Turin / Genoa 1.5H, Bologna 2H, Padua / Florence 3H, Rome <6H)
The town of Vogherà is easily reached from the A7 (exit Casei Gerola) and A21 (exit Voghera)

Meeting area is easily accessible from A7 and A21 highways

Where to stay?

Below is the link to available structures
Please find here below available hotels / B & B…h_selected=true

Conventions will be provided with some housing in the area.
Special deals will be available for the participants, we’re working on it!


How to sign up?

Answer this topic by pointing username, number of lunches and the selected track, as shown below

N ° 2 lunches

Payment can be made via Paypal at or by bank transfer (in this case please specify it in the post so that I can send you the coordinates).

ALWAYS insert your nick, No. of lunches and the chosen track turn (if you do so)
Entry is considered valid on the date of payment of the quota.
Last but not least, all the „earnings“ will be donated for charity.
Last year we donated 1000€ ca to Paralegic Association of Lombardia, and some of their member entered on track as co-drivers!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that this year, MX-5Italia Road & Track will support the Lombard Paraplegical Association and its projects.

Last year we donated 974 € (916 + 58) to APL for their project „Accompagnamoci“, a unique project of its kind.

Our contribution was to cover the living expenses such as insurance, petrol bill etc of the van delivered by the Valdese Church, equipped for disabled transport with the peculiarity of being equipped with the aids needed to guide those who are paraplegics.

Our contribution has been very useful to the association!

For those who did not know, the guys during the rally went down the track with us during the races on the track, having a lot of fun and pushing us to go strong, get hurt and drive from boars!
They enjoyed it so much

Also this year the MX5Italia Road & Track rally will be donated to the Lombard Paraplegical Association and will be on track with us as co-drivers (or maybe they will get on track with the van, who knows!)

Last year 70+ cars and 100+ people attended to the meeting, here below some photos!

For questions please contact Manuel!